Ø 2.1mm – 3.8mm X 25mm -130mm

Coating Nails in Zinc is the most common process for creating a protective barrier for fasteners against corrosion, we can offer three levels each of protection but most of the UK use the lowest level of protection typically for Packing Cases or Fence panels. The thicker the coating the more complicated the process and in turn the price also increases.

6-8 Micron – Used predominantly for Fencing & Garden products.

12-14 Micron – CE Approved for internal applications and meets most construction requirements.

HOT DIP – Rarely used in manufacturing of Pallet & Crates but available for those special projects where quality and long-life is required.

Consider what product/s you are making and which level of protection is going to be needed, if not sure just contact us and we help you in the decision making process.

Like all our nails our GALVANISED are Made in Europe to CE level standards so buy with confidence when you are making you fastener purchases, buy from PALLETNAIL.