Ø 2.1mm – 3.8mm X 25mm -130mm

When other Finishes are just not good enough Stainless Steel nails are used to offer a greater level of corrosion protection. If you are making products which will be exposed to a more severe conditions such as costal areas or motorway fencing the life of the fastener is more critical.

Typically Stainless steel coil nails come in 2 grades either 304 or 316 grade, 316 offers a higher level of protection with a higher concentration of molybdenum and is often used to give some protection against chlorides and other industrial solvents. Don’t be fooled by lower grades of Stainless Steel which on face value look like good value but can actually give lesser protection than some galvanised nails.

If unsure about which grade you should be using contact us by phone or email and we will be pleased to discuss potential options for you application.

Like all our nails our STAINLESS STEEL Coil Nails are Made in Europe to CE level standards so buy with confidence when you are making you fastener purchases, buy from PALLETNAIL.